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Flash Bang Smoke 8cm Field Mortar ( Pyrotechnic Launcher ) FB140

Product Description



This Granatwerfer 8cm – Field Mortar was used by the German Military from the 1930’s until May 1945, It was deployed in all theatres.

An excellent mortar that was popular with it’s 3 main crews, and had good firepower, accuracy and mobility.

We have recreated this Mortar in replica form as a pyrotechnic launcher for professional use.

This is a very good Replica of the original, it has fine detailing, is dimensionally accurate and well finished, painted in Grau-blau (grey/blue).

It is adjustable in both elevation and traverse, it is capable of blank firing or launching a cardboard pyrotechnic round, after discharge via a sleeved lower barrel you can remove the inert round casing.

It can be used for Film work, Reenactment Simulation, Firepower Demonstrations, and Living History.

We offer this product in 2 variants…. A detailed Model and A regular model to follow soon.

General Description:

Both these variants have 4 main components,

These are Baseplate, Barrel, Legs and Yoke.

These allow the Mortar to be assembled and disassembled with ease, for transport and storage.


Baseplate: 470mm x 440mm

Barrel: 100mm dia x 1200mm

Legs: 150mm x 250mm x 800mm

Yoke: 600mm x 300mm x 100mm

Granatwerfer 8cm – Field Mortar (Pyrotechnic Launcher) is made to order only, estimated engineering time is 30 days.

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