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Flash Bang Smoke Dual Vent ( Red Smoke ) FB011

Product Description


The Dual Vent Red Smoke with a pull fuse is a smoke screening device that has been designed to create a thick blanket of smoke as quickly as possible.

With a estimated burn time of 45 seconds, twin vent construction coupled with our Military Style Pull Fuse ignition system which makes the grenade especially useful for rapid assaults or withdrawals.

Twice the number of smoke exit holes one at each end of the device, simply makes twice the quantity of rich coloured smoke in the same amount of time.

This design uses a similar vent design as our other smoke grenades to minimises surging, creating a smooth output and also protecting the surrounding environment reducing the risk of fire.

There are ten colours to choose from: white, yellow, pink, green, violet, orange, dirty, red, blue, and turquoise with more colours to follow in the future.

All smoke products contain coloured dyes.

  • Sound Output at 5m (dB A) Negligible
  • Safety Distance 5m
  • Age Limit : 18 years
Maximum quantity available reached.

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