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Flash Bang Smoke M12/M38 Fragmentation (Pull Fuse Device with BB’s) FB047

Product Description



M12/M38 Fragmentation (Pull Fuse Device with BB’s) This 38mm device is designed for the airsoft / Milsim player for on-site use.

To use it is easy as can be.

With The Military Pull Fuse system, Just hold the outside the tube (not the top) with one hand,

And then with the other hand put a finger through the ring and pull horizontally then release/discard the product to its desired location out of your hand and move away.

After 5 seconds later the device will burst with a bang & BB’s will eject from the tube .

  • Sound Output at 5m (dB A) 124
  • Safety Distance 5m
  • Age Limit : 18 years
Maximum quantity available reached.

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