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Flash Bang Smoke MK5 Ball Grenade -FB006 (Friction Device with BB’s)

Product Description

Mk5 Ball Grenade (Friction Device with BB’s) is a revolution in airsoft and paintball pyrotechnics! How many times have you accidentally squashed one of the “egg carton” grenades? Don’t you wish they could be a bit more… solid? We have invested in advanced materials formulation and injection cardboard moulding technology to bring you a biodegradable fragmentation ball grenade.

The heavyweight casing and the slight textured gripping surface will give a solid, high quality feel in the hand. Once you try one of our Byotechnics® grenades, you will have a much better game play with a higher success rate.


  • Sound Output at 5m (dB A) 124
  • Safety Distance 5m
  • Age Limit:18 years

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