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Flash Bang Smoke MK5 Ball Grenade -FB008 (Pull Fuse) with “BB’s”

Product Description


Mk5 Ball Grenade (Pull Fuse) with “BB’s” is revolution in airsoft and paintball pyrotechnics! How many times have you accidentally squashed one of the “egg carton” grenades? Don’t you wish they could be a bit more… solid? We have invested in advanced materials formulation and injection cardboard moulding technology to bring you a biodegradable fragmentation ball grenade.

The heavyweight casing and the slight textured gripping surface will give a solid, high quality feel in the hand.

Once you try one of our Byotechnics® grenades, you will have a much better game play with a higher success rate.

  • Sound Output at 5m (dB A) 124
  • Safety Distance 5m
  • Age Limit:18 years

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