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Flash Bang Smoke Single Vent ( White Smoke ) Friction device with handle FB037

Product Description


White Smoke with handle 


M38 Single Vent Smoke (White) with handle – Friction Device. Twist off the cap and use the end to strike the exposed fuse, like a safety match. Then the device will start to produce a thick cloud of smoke for 50-60 seconds estimated burn time.

We have attached a handle for easier gripping and handling of the product.

There are ten colours to choose from: white, yellow, pink, green, violet, orange, dirty, red, blue, and turquoise with more colours to follow.

All smoke products contain coloured dyes.

  • Sound Output at 5m (dB A) Negligible
  • Safety Distance 5m
  • Age Limit: 18 years

Additional information

Maximum quantity available reached.

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