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Pyrotex Fireworks offer a service to send your loved one off in a spectacular fashion and making it into a celebration of life. Using only specially tested and authorised fireworks.

 This process has been developed to be discreet, respectful and caring at what can be a very distressing time. Our compassionate staff are always on hand to help arrange the services we can provide for you, this can be done via a funeral directors, family member or friend.   

With each of our self-fire ashes fireworks you can personalise them with a personal message, favourite song lyrics or just their nickname on tribute labels around your chosen firework. This comes along with the certificate of incorporation with your loved one’s name.

Pyrotex's Farewell Fireworks understands that our loved ones aren't just our relations, but our beloved pets too. Pyrotex Fireworks offers the same respect and compassionate care throughout the process.

Pyrotex offers a range of packages to suit all budgets. We can provide Professional memorial displays at a favourite location, favourite music choice. Please contact our dedicated and caring staff for more details.


Farewell Fireworks

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