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Fireworks don’t always have to be noisy and have the loud bangs! At Pyrotex Fireworks believe we stock the largest and best selection of ‘Low Noise Fireworks’ in the UK. Pyrotex provide a diverse range of low noise fireworks that to suit all budgets and venues. All fireworks make some noise, but with this range of products it will be always kept down to the minimum. Low noise fireworks have come on leaps and bounds these last few years and are very spectacular, just without the bangs!

Low Noise Fireworks

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Spinning Lotus Flower
£39.99 £49.99
Celtic Spin On This-CW3
£19.99 £24.99
Vivid Mystic - VIV48F-004
£89.99 £129.99
Hypnotica Wheel
£14.99 £17.99