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Nuprol RZR 6000 Rnd Bag 0.20G Green Tracer Bio BBs FB136

Product Description

Low Tolerance BBs +/- 0.01 mm

Sub-Six 5.95 mm diameter, perfect for Tightbore (<6.03mm) inner barrels (suitable in all Airsoft Replicas)

High Performance Triple Polished for Enhanced Flight

Quality Manufacture Taiwanese Made, ISO Quality Accreditations

Lots of Choice Standard, Biodegradable, Tracer & Bio Tracer BBs

Popular Weights 0.20g, 0.25g, 0.28g, 0.30g, 0.35g, 0.40g, 0.43g

Container Options 1000R Pouch, 2200R Bottle, 3500R Bottle or 6000R Bag


NUPROL RZR BBs are manufactured to the highest standards expected of 6mm Airsoft Ammunition.


Selecting top-quality Airsoft BBs for your replica(s) is essential in ensuring reliable, consistent shot performance again and again both on the field or at the range. After all, it is only half the battle investing in your Airsoft Replica but using sub-standard ammunition. By purchasing NUPROL RZR series BBs you can be assured of the quality and consistency of your ammunition, helping you to fine tune your own performance with your replica.


NUPROL have been producing Airsoft Consumables for over a decade now and with the number of BBs supplied to the airsoft field counted in the 1,000,000,000s NUPROL have a proven track record in supplying quality Airsoft BBs for you and your replica.


Designed at 5.95 mm diameter with a low tolerance of +/- 0.01 mm, triple polished and subjected to stringent quality control measures throughout the manufacturing process – the NUPROL RZR name is one you can rely on when selecting your 6mm ammunition. At 5.95 mm in diameter, the RZR series make for an excellent companion with high-performance and upgraded Airsoft Replicas featuring “Tightbore” (<6.03mm) inner barrels.


With four BB Types (Standard, Biodegradable, Tracer BBs and Biodegradable Tracers), seven BB weight options (0.20g < 0.43g) and four container sizes there are now over 50 product options within the RZR series. Airsoft players and Woodland site owners alike can be assured that the BIO options are manufactured to the same high standard as original Polymer BBs whilst also meeting the internationally recognised ISO standard for Controlled Aerobic Compositing – DIN EN 13432:2000 | ISO 14855-1:2012.


New Packaging includes four container sizes. The standard bottle size has had its round count increased from 3300R to 3500R. There is a new “mid-range” 2200R bottle as well as larger, resealable bulk-bags of 6000R per bag. The heavyweight ammunition of 0.40g & 0.43g now comes in a small 1000R pouch featuring a bottle capped spout, perfect for taking your extra rounds unto the field with you. The use of colours throughout the range will aid Retailers organising their ammo dumps, with weights colour organised, and colour trim indicating Biodegradable and Tracer ranges helping customers pick out their desired BB.

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