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Klasek Show Must Go On - C643XMS

Product Description

Show Must Go On is the sister cake to Only For The Best and is just as incredible with 64 shots packed with colour and different effects and weighing in at nearly 1kg powder weight and lasting 60 seconds. Starting off with huge straight firing bursts of red stars with silver glitter, other effects include V-firing purple and orange crackling peonies, Z-firing multi-colour starbursts with silver pistils, a volley of salutes and a huge fanned glittering brocade finale


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In this tab we will explain what our symbols mean that you can see next to our product photos. We are using these to show our customers what direction or firing pattern the certain firework does.  


 This GIF shows that the firework fires all of its shots straight up into the air.



This GIF shows that the firework fires shots in a fanned formation filling the sky.

This GIF shows that the firework fires shots in a 'Z' formation. This means it it fires from left to right then right to left. 

This GIF shows that the firework fires shots in a circular motion, This applies to different sized Catheraine Wheels and some Selection boxes.

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