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Pyrotex Welcomes Zeus Fireworks!

Pyrotex Welcomes Zeus Fireworks!

Zeus Fireworks are a new and exciting import company with over twenty years experience in the firework industry and close involvement with British Firework Association, British Pyrotechnics Association and the Explosive Industry Group.

Via this network they keep abreast of the pyrotechnic industry for new and exciting revelations to ensure our retailers and the public receive the best fireworks and prices.

Pyrotex Fireworks are so pleased to be stockists of this exciting range of fireworks.

Below are just a few of the items you can look forward to.


Amazing burst from this 19 shot salvo with silver blinking tails to sky filling double willow breaks with red, green and blue blinks. Pyrotex have been stocking this little beauty for years and there really is no better brocade willow cake/barrage around that comes close in this price range.

See the video here. Wave Willow


  Imperial Blink at its best with 21 big burst shots in 30 seconds of silver tails to silver blink, red tails to red blink, green tails to green blink culminating in a golden tail with gold blink finale. Stunning! 

See Imperial Blink In Action ! Imperial Blink 


An excellent 100 shot barrage with stunning gold blink mine rising to gold blink with blue stars, gold blink with green stars, gold blink with red blink, gold blink and gold willow, gold blink with silver blink. This has to be one of Pyrotex Fireworks favourite barrages! 

See this monster here! Zeus Quantum


This impressive 144 shot compound firework fills the skies with shot after shot of  Red star mine to red with white blink/Red star mine to water color sky blue with gold blink/Red star mine to lemon with purple/gold blink Ti golden coconut mine to Ti golden coconut with white blink/Ti golden coconut mine to Ti golden coconut with green blink/ Ti golden coconut mine to Ti golden coconut with red blin. Yellow mine to red coconut with blue star/Yellow mine to green coconut with purple star/Yellow mine to silver coconut with red star. Brocade Crown mine to Brocade Crown with Crackling/Brocade Crown mine to Brocade Crown with blue blink/ Brocade Crown mine to Brocade Crown with green blink

See the video here. F.U. Firework University. 


A monster of a 200 shot compound, offering a varied firing patterns and massive professional quality breaks, with a variety of effects including blue/red stars with blink, blue tail to blue star to brocade crown, green tail to green star brocade, silver whistling, colour tails to gold blink, colour coconut to chrysanthemum breaks and silver whistling. Immense, loud and full on!

One of the largest compound cakes within the Zeus range. Retribution! 

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  • Peter Hemmings
Comments 2
  • Michael Groom
    Michael Groom

    Great to see a local suppler stocking this great range of fireworks from Zeus Fireworks.
    In my opinion they have some many different types of fireworks that stand out from other brands.

  • Daniel Overtorn
    Daniel Overtorn

    Great news !
    Love this brand of fireworks .
    They have some unusual fireworks compared to other suppliers.
    I will be in touch later in the year!

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