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So What Are DumBum Fireworks?

So What Are DumBum Fireworks?
Pyrotex Fireworks heard a lot about the Dumbum range by Klasek, to be honest we didn't know to much about about the range so we did a bit of research and WOW!!! If you like Noise then this is the range that you need to be looking at!!
After speaking to the Klasek importers directly and testing the products we were amazed at the quality, power and noise these products produce. Packed with maximum powder weight the DumBum range has become a must have product for our customers finales!  
The Dumbum brand has a variety of products but all producing loud salutes with different firing patterns. Below you can see a few of our items,
If you want pure powder and noise then this pack of 4 Dum Bum Rockets will be exactly what your looking for. These are the loudest rockets for sale in the UK!!!
Wanting a instant shot to get your audiences attention or to give that powerful ending, then this 3 shot mine is the ideal product. Silver mine lift to red tail salutes. Top quality for an unbelievable price. 
Pack of 4 single shots, silver mine to red tail to titanium salute. Extremely loud.
This very loud salute cake fires 135 shots of silver glitter mines with rising red star to titanium salutes. Large spread filling the sky with pure noise and power!!
Not a fan of the fanned products and want a straight firing cake but still have pure power and noise. Then Dumbum have a variety of different size cakes producing the same effect, very loud salutes with a great silver mine as each shot rises.
Pyrotex Fireworks offers a wide range of Dumbum products. We also stock a wide range products by Klasek Fireworks. Please check out our whole range of Klasek Fireworks by clicking on the link. Klasek Pyrotechnics
Got a favourite product by Klasek or any suggestions on Dumbum then we would love to hear from you and your thoughts. 

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  • Peter Hemmings
Comments 2
  • Kelly Upton
    Kelly Upton

    These fireworks are insane Pyrotex recommended the dumbum range as I purely wanted noise from my finale this year super impressed .

  • Sam Taylor
    Sam Taylor

    I just love the DumBum range of fireworks!
    No other supplier come close to the pure power and noise these things kick out
    Lovely range of Dumbum from Pyrotex Fireworks!

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