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Pyrotex's Favourite Fireworks for 2020!

Pyrotex's Favourite Fireworks for 2020!

Well what a year 2020 had been for all of us lets hope for a better 2021 for us all. First of all we want to just say thank you for your continued support to old and new customers, we really do appreciate it and has helped us keep growing in size as a business to give world class customer service and stock.

One of the most asked questions to us here at Pyrotex is "What is your favourite firework that you sell?". So we have put together in this page our best fireworks for 2020! 

So here we go!!

Best value firework

Standard fireworks - Gladiator £49.95

Gladiator is a firm favourite here at Pyrotex Fireworks and at less than half price you cant go wrong! 146 shots lasting a minute and a half for under £50!! It's not often you see a cake with high effects with a multitude of colours, effects and firing patterns for this impressive price!  Might not be the biggest firework around but for the money you really wont be disappointed.


 Low Noise Firework

Hallmark - Whisper £62.99

This was a hard one to pick at Pyrotex due to the amount of products to choose from. Over the last couple of years low noise fireworks has become a huge market with our suppliers and the quality is just exceptional from them all. After a long hard discussion and debate we have come to the conclusion that Whisper from Hallmark is our favourite. A really unique firework here in the UK with enormous gold horse tail effects firing in a fan, filling the sky with a huge spread of gold. Really is stunning and a huge crowd pleaser. 




Vivid Pyrotechnics - Pro Effect 3" Ball Rocket Pack £45.49

Just like the above category this is very hard to pick a clear winner, but i think we have found our favourite. This pack of 3 rockets from vivid are extremely hard bursting with excellent quality. The effects are huge and a great value pack. Not much more to say other than they are a must for your big display. 


Selection Box

Jonathans Fireworks - Masquerade Selection Box £55.99

Masquerade is a brilliant selection box with high quality products for your garden display. This selection box has a bit of everything for everyone and kids love this pack. Catherine Wheels, Fountains, Candles, Cakes and Rockets!! 23 fireworks for just over £55. The effects of this pack are second to none, high quality and we believe here at Pyrotex you wont find a better pack out there than this for the price.


Compound Barrages


Vivid Pyrotechnics - Velocity £127.99

This was a easy one for us, we cant express how much we love this compound barrage from Vivid. Pyrotex Fireworks thinks you will struggle to find anything better for the money. 224 shots, fast firing, high impact and top quality performance. Wave after wave of colour and noise. This is a must for any display.


Dump Cake

Celtic Fireworks - Brexit £22.39

We often get asked "What is a dump cake?" Well a dump cake is a a firework that fires all it's shots at the same time, giving a dramatic start or end of a display. These are real crowd pleasers and your audience will stand back and be in ore. Pyrotex's favourite is Brexit by Celtic fireworks, massive fanned lift of golden brocade mines and bursts. Professional effects and stunning quality.


Whistle Cakes

Primed - Furious Angels £42.00

If you love noise and whistles then this is the cake for you! Long whistling tails to loud salutes. if you want to grab your audiences attention then this is seriously the cake for you. Very unusual and unique style whistling cake combining 2 very different effects. Pyrotex Fireworks loves this and our final words on this product is, Cover your ears! It's going to get loud!!




Black Cat - Copper & Silver Rain £13.99 (BOGOF)

A stunning cone fountain from Black Cat Fireworks. Copper Rain is a beautiful deep copper gold sparks, Silver Rain produces silky silver sparks. What's really impressive about these fountains are the heights, both reaching 5m high and lasting 60 seconds each. We love them that much that we are giving these away with our Buy One Get One Free!


So there you go, that's Pyrotex Fireworks favourite products from 2020. We love to hear your suggestions and thoughts on our choices.

Once again we would like to thank you for your support over the tough year, Pyrotex look forward to seeing you all again this year and seeing what your favourite products will be for 2021! Stay safe and lets make 2021 a year to remember!!

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  • Mark Kelsall
Comments 9
  • Robin Dartford
    Robin Dartford

    I brought two of the Primed Furious Angel’s for our NYE party ( all 4 of us !lol)
    Wow! Wow! Wow!. So different and loud as hell. Peeps you must try this beast.

  • Darren Kilo
    Darren Kilo

    Yes I would agree that the Vivid rockets were the best .
    Unfortunately we did not buy them from You because you were not stockists of Vivid at the time , but we always use you anyway so next time we will come to you .
    Love the new website by the way !

  • Billy Vant
    Billy Vant

    I would say the Vivid products are the best out there at the moment.
    I had from you on NYE the ball head rockets and was amazed on the performance.

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