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SHHHH.. Are There Such Things As Quiet Fireworks ?

SHHHH.. Are There Such Things As Quiet Fireworks ?


'Low Noise' or 'Quiet' fireworks are ideal for people and the surroundings where loud noises can be a problem. If the local or surrounding area has sensitive residents or livestock nearby, opt for a low noise firework. And their are lots to choose from !.

We get asked all the time if we can provide customers with silent/quiet fireworks, and really there is no such thing. Almost all fireworks have some level of sound attached – whether that’s the product leaving the tube or actually releasing its contents into the sky.

Below we have selected a range of quieter fireworks that are available on the market today. Within the last five years or so low noise fireworks have improved dramatically and we believe that Pyrotex Fireworks have one of the best selections around. 

So lets start .. Fountains. 

Today, the fountain is still a firm family favourite. Pyrotex stock over 20 individual fountains, varying from the novelty types of Ghostbuster, Crazy Clock and Wicked Witch to the huge and beautiful Glacier Rising and Copper/Silver rain from Standard Fireworks. 


   Selection Boxes..

Selection boxes are probably the most popular item when choosing a low noise firework as they are ideal for smaller gardens, and usually contain less bangs and whistles. They also have a great selection of Catherine wheels, fountains, rockets, mines and roman candles. Again we stock a impressive variety of different sizes and prices ranging from as little as £9.99 for the standard Spellbound box. Its important to point out that some of the larger selection boxes can contain small cakes/barrages which will contain more noise, so if your unsure on what to pick please ask a member of our team.

Cakes & Barrages..
Commonly referred to as cakes, our huge range of barrages range from the very quiet to really loud. From the very pretty 25 shot Colourful crossette from Celtic Fireworks to the hugely popular 190 shot Tranquil Sky's from Jonathans Fireworks., we have a range in the lower noise category to suit all tastes. Check out the Low Noise Fireworks tab in the main menu. 

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  • Mark Kelsall
Comments 5
  • Gaz Cowley
    Gaz Cowley

    This post has been tremendous ! I had no idea things like this excised.
    We had to cancel our fireworks show last year due to covid, but have always brought the same sort of fireworks like fountains because we live next to people with horses.
    I will sure to be in touch later in the year to discuss our needs going forward.
    One again thank you for the informative information.
    Gary & Linda

  • Shara 100
    Shara 100

    This was very informative and helpful.

  • Graham Granger
    Graham Granger

    We had some of these low noise fireworks from another company last year and to be honest two of the items were certainty not low nose. Looking at your range ( Pyrotex Fireworks) it seems that the products you stock actually are specialized low noise fireworks? Are they different to what we had from the other shop?
    We have horses and love fireworks so its of high interest that I understand what is low noise and what is medium noise,
    I will call you next week to discuss are order for this year with you.
    Graham And Jenny

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