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Fireworks Technology FireOne

Fireworks Technology FireOne

Why do Pyrotex use FireOne?

FireOne is the pioneer of integrated digital firing systems and is recognized worldwide as the world-class firing system. As the technology leader, FireOne products are acclaimed for their precision, reliability, and safety. Their system has set multiple Guinness World Records for the largest fireworks displays and is the choice of pyrotechnic professionals for stage shows, touring groups, motion pictures, theme parks, and aerial displays, world-wide.



So What Software / Programming Do We Use?
To put a show together, Pyrotex don't just use one type of programming  software. We use 4 different software's to produce our larger displays and pyro musicals. Below we will explain the different items below and what they individually do.


Script maker

Script Maker Visual is the main programme our designers use to determine what product (Cake, Shell, Single Shot, Slice, Colour, Effect) to integrate into the music and at what time, right down to an accuracy of a 10th of a second.  These products are all stored on the inventory database that is built into the software and allows our designers to drop them into the chosen key notes (place holder) of the music which then creates the choreographed display.

Cue maker

Once the design has been signed off in Script maker, the next stage of the process is to assign the product to the appropriate cues which allows the product to be fired by FireOne’s Digital Firing System. All of this is done in Cue Maker which automatically assigns all the product to specific cues in the most effective manner, however, our designers do have to double check this and re-assign some cues to make the set up easier on site.

Timecode Wizard

The Timecode Wizard programme is next on the list after Script maker and Cue maker, this programme creates perfect digital time code from the music score created in Step 1. The time code is necessary to synchronize the choreographed fireworks to the music score. Timecode Wizard creates a perfect digital audio recording of the music with the digital time code applied on a separate channel.

FireOne Ultra Fire

When the display is ready to fire, we use FireOne Ultra Fire. This programme is, without question, the most technologically advanced pyrotechnic field software in existence. It provides us with setup and testing routines to verify proper operation prior to firing the display.

FireOne Ultra Fire software can also be used to download the display into a control panel or directly into the field modules for firing without a laptop computer or even the software which allows us greater flexibility when on site.



How Do You Connect The Fireworks To The Software?

One of the most common questions we get asked is "How to you get them to fire in time and what are the wires coming from the fireworks?" Not the easiest question to answer. Our normal response is "We put electronic ignitors into the fireworks, which we then wire into small computers that connect to the bigger computers with the music built in". This is true but for you who want to know more about these 'Computers' then look no further, We have put together a detailed description.


Compact Rails
FireOne’s Compact Rail provides a highly portable and extraordinarily sturdy solution to our connection device needs. The robust stainless steel red and black connectors are designed with gripping “teeth” to hold the e-match wires securely with minimal attention from our technicians. Which allows them to be productive and efficient on site.


Firing Modules

The firing modules directly connect to the Firing panels using patented 2-Wire communications technology which dramatically increases the potential operating distances between the control panel location and the pyrotechnic product.

In each field Module they have a capacitive discharge system (CDS) which locally stores the energy to ignite electric matches that are connected to the relevant cues at the required time. The CDS is controlled directly from the digital control panel which ensures the required energy to ignite the electric match and launch the pyrotechnic material is available as needed, even if the field modules are located an extreme distance (kilometres or miles) from the control panel.

Control Panels

These are the main piece to all our displays; they send commands and receive replies from firing modules. They are the command-and-control devices of the FireOne™ System. They can also store and retrieve fire files for the complete testing and firing of complex displays. Alternately, when combined with FireOne UltraFire field software, the control panels provide an analytical visual computer interface to the system for users who prefer graphic control of the system.

They also have multiple safety features that include electrically isolated inputs/outputs, battery protection circuitry, noise immunity circuitry, key switch activation, priority lockouts, and the option for our proprietary “Soft Deadman” safety control. They also have internal batteries which allows complete flexibility when out on site.

Time Machine

FireOne’s TimeMachine is a revolutionary concept for the entertainment/production industry. The TimeMachine integrates attributes of several discrete devices into a highly functional, logical package that ultimately brings new functionality to us, it can simultaneously perform time code synchronization and audio playback while controlling external equipment and communicating via its built-in FHSS radio link or Ethernet connection which allows us to be in full control of all our operations and ultimately increases safety when on site.

Wireless Transceivers

The 2-wire interconnection, utilized by the Wireless Transceiver, provides our technicians with placement options that would otherwise be impossible. This design choice, coupled with the small size and weight, makes remote placement easy and practical and allows us greater flexibility when display sites are remote or difficult to get to.

The wireless construct of the communications system replaces the 2-Wire physical wiring with a proprietary military grade wireless link that provides identical functionality as the wired version. The wireless modules are fully compatible with all other devices within the FireOne system and the operational range is exceptional, exceeding 6.0 kilometres.

Pyrotex Fireworks loves how easy and versatile FireOne is to use. We only use FireOne because it's reliable and brilliant to use on any firework display. It really is a firework designers delight!! 

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  • Peter Hemmings
Comments 3
  • Jim Makiln
    Jim Makiln

    This I found this very interesting and informative. Its amazing how you put large scale shows together.
    Keep up the great work, and the interesting blogs you put up.
    Best website out there!

  • Peter Worthington
    Peter Worthington

    This was a really interesting read I never knew that so much went into a firework display
    Having just read your Facebook ad looking for crewmembers for Pyrotex I will sure to be in touch over the next week I would love to be involved with the programming of Pyro musical shows

  • Steve Sayers
    Steve Sayers

    Great read! I never knew so much was involved with fireworks shows. It makes sense now why they are so expensive!
    Love the blogs you guys put on. Steve S

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